How do i set up an Onomondo AWS SIM?

After following these three simple steps, your device will seamlessly provision and send data to AWS IoT Core.

Step 1: Necessary information for setting up the AWS SIM

The Onomondo AWS SIM Connector requires a CA key, CA certificate and Endpoint from your AWS instance to operate.

We use Certificate Authority (CA) rather than certificates and keys from AWS IoT Core because we use just-in-time provisioning, which requires CAs. You can retrieve the CA key and CA certificate via the AWS Certificate Manager or create your own.

To retrieve the Endpoint, navigate to the AWS IoT Core console at Then choose Settings in the navigation pane on the left. Under Device Data Endpoint, copy the Endpoint value.

Step 2: Set up an AWS IoT Core Connector in Onomondo

Now that you have your AWS IoT Core information ready, you’re now able to create an Amazon AWS IoT Core Connector in the Onomondo app.

  1. Log in to the Onomondo app
  2. Go to Connectors, and click New connector.
  3. Give your connector a name (e.g. AWS Connector) and select the connector type called AWS IoT Core.
  4. Add the CA key and CA certificate to their respective fields.
  5. Type in the endpoint into the Endpoint field.

Find out more about our connectors here: What are Onomondo Connectors?

New Connector Menu
Creating a new Connector is easy in the Onomondo App

Step 3: Attach your new connector to your SIMs

Now you’re ready to attach the AWS Connector to your SIMs.

  1. In the Onomondo app, go to SIMs. Find a SIM you want to connect, and click Go to SIM.
  2. Click Edit SIM (the pencil icon) and add your connector (e.g. AWS Connector).
  3. Click Save.

Select a Connector for your SIM from the dropdown menu

Now your SIMs will automatically provision themselves in AWS IoT Core when they come online – seamlessly and securely transmitting your data as messages.


Download the AWS Getting Started guide as a PDF