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What are Audit Logs?

Audit Logs are available to the owner/s on the platform and allows them to monitor user activity on their platform.

Audit Logs record three types of activities across the platform.

  • API requests (including from using our Platform)

  • Web Sockets (WS)

  • SIM VPN Sessions

Note: Only Owner users can see this screen on the platform. If you wish to have another owner user assigned to your organization to see this information, please write to support@onomondo.com.


API Requests

Our platform is built on top of our own API calls. This allows you to see who is looking at specific information or editing/creating new information. Filtering to only include API calls that edit objects can be a great way to see what objects have changed, by who and when it was done.


You can also use filter by specific users. This is why we recommend having separate accounts for each person who uses the platform. That way you can set specific usage access levels depending on the users requirements, as well as clarify historically what has been seen or changed by whom.


Web Sockets (WS)

Web sockets are created everytime a user goes to a page of a specific SIM. These websockets allow us to provide real-time information in the browser. Each visit will create four WS logs:

  1. Network Logs ("subscribe:network-logs:sim")

  2. Traffic Monitor for data packets ("subscribe:packets:sim")

  3. SMS terminal ("subscribe:sms:sim")

  4. Location information ("subscribe:connections:sim")



SIM VPN Sessions

Since we use private IP addresses for our SIMs, the only way to connect to them is by giving a user VPN access. When that user connects to a SIM using VPN a log will be generated showing which user has connected to what SIM, when the connection started and from which IP.