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Can I add webhooks?

You can setup custom webhooks to your account giving you access to network de/registrations, locations, SIM usage and SMS from devices.

Yes. Webhooks are a cornerstone in modern development and key to customization. We have a great tool that allows you to add and customize webhooks to suit different use cases. Allowing you to set up information flows that fit your use case.

We require that the endpoint uses HTTPS. 

There are six types of web-hook events. You can create a webhook for a subsection of these events or all of them.

  1. Network Logs - when a SIM registers, authenticates or de-registers to a network.
  2. Data usage - per SIM is updated every 15 minutes of activity or when a SIM de-registers from a network.
  3. Device SMS - when a device sends a SMS to any number.
  4. SMS usage - separately for both outgoing and ingoing 
  5. Location (approximate) - of a SIM at the beginning and end of a session and when the location changes during a session.
  6. Usage alerts - when a device reaches a usage alert threshold (optional) or is blocked by usage limit

You can also use our Tag functionality to associate the webhook to only a subsection of your SIMs.

For more information on how to set up a web hook you can refer to our FAQ guide:

If you have any more questions, you can reach out to us at support@onomondo.com.