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What are Tags?

Tags allow you to group SIMs, users, connectors and network lists into sub-groups within your organization to customize control and views.


Tags make it possible to Tag resources, like SIMs, Network Lists, and Connectors. It gives you a quick overview, divide your fleet into specific projects and a way to quickly find associated resources. You could for instance Tag SIMs with the part in the world they are, or what kind of devices they are attached to.

What will a user be able to when a user is assigned a Tag?

Through access control, owners and admins have the possibility to invite members in to their organization. They can then be restricted to only have access to resources with a given Tag. This makes it easier to invite other stakeholders including hardware suppliers, subcontractors in to help you without exposing your entire fleet.

Within the Tag, you are able to set it to have "write access". This will allow the user to edit and add resources associated to the Tag. Otherwise, the users will be able to view SIM and usage information without being able to change or add anything.

Ready to set Tags up?

This feature is easy to set up on the Management Platform and gives you the freedom to customize your fleet in a way that suits your IoT set up.

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