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Can I remotely connect to my devices?

You are able to connect to your devices remotely using our VPN and private IP addresses.

Security and accessibility are both high priorities at Onomondo.

To secure your devices, they are not publicly available. However, you have the option to connect to your devices using our VPN server and the SIMs private IP addresses.

We use the OpenVPN protocol.

You can add VPN access onto any user in your Onomondo account. Once activated you will need the OpenVPN config file and set up a client to connect to the server. For more information, see our connection guide: How do I set up my OpenVPN client on my computer?

The VPN access is linked to the user. This allows you to limit users' VPN access using Tags with the member user type. This also allows you to prevent access to a SIM to a user by removing VPN access to the user, removing the Tag from the user, or by removing the SIM from the associated Tag.

You can learn more about user access control here: How to set up user access control.