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Can I send an SMS to my device?

Yes you can using our API. This is to protect your devices from unwanted outside interference.


Most people typically ask for a phone number so they can send an SMS to a device. Onomondo is developed for IoT and as such, we don't use phone numbers for our devices. One reason for this, is that knowing a devices phone number can be an attack vector for undesirables trying to get unwanted access to your device. Another reason for not using MSISDN or telephone number, is that it removes a lot of inefficient telecom infrastructure associated with more traditional requirements to call a person on another network.

However, it is definitely still possible to send an SMS to any of your devices using our SIMs using the SMS Console on the Onomondo Platform or with a POST request to our API. Find out how:

We also have functionality to receive an SMS sent from a device. To do this, you need to be on the SIM details page when the sms is sent or you need to set up a webhook on your account. This will send SMSs and other events to a URL endpoint of your choice.