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Understand the user levels and how to manage them

The Onomondo platform classifies users into three levels: Owner, Admin, and Member. Owners have complete access, while Admins and Members have limited access. Please read on for further details.

On the Onomondo platform we distinguish between three user levels:

  • Owner
  • Admin
  • Member

If you are the first person from your team to log into your company’s Onomondo account, your user level will be set to “Owner”. You can have multiple owners within one account. Other users can be either “Admin” or “Member”. Owners and Admins have the ability to invite other users into the account.

User levels explained 

Owner: Owners have access to everything that the Onomondo platform has to offer within the chosen package. Owners also have the ability to add and grant both Admin and Member rights to other users.

Admin: Admins have access to all the resources and features of the platform, except for the Invoices Overview and Audit Logs. An Admin can only add additional Member users to the platform.

Member: Member users have limited access to the platform. They can only view the SIMs, Network Lists and Connectors based on the type of Tags attached to their user profile. If you want a Member-user to be able to edit any information on a SIM, the Tag must have the write-access option enabled. This will allow the Member user to edit resources associated to the Tag (e.g. activate and deactivate SIMs or edit the Network Lists). You can find more information on how to set up user access using Tags in this video

How to add Users?

You can add new users on the "Users page" on the Onomondo platform.

Simply add a "New user", insert the email and select the user type. Then they will automatically get an invite sent to their email inbox. 

NOTE: When adding a Member user, it is important that you remember to select access to Tags, otherwise that Member won’t be able to log into the platform or see anything, as they don´t have access.

How to edit/remove Users?

Finally, if you ever need to change previously assigned user permissions, go to the "Users page" and simply click the edit button. If you need to remove someone from your company account, click on the bin icon.

If you still have any questions or issues, you can write to support@onomondo.com