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How to use Signalling Logs to see all signalling between the RAN and Onomondo.

Signalling Logs are a way to see all signalling going between the Radio Access Network (RAN) and Onomondo

What are Signalling Logs?

When a device connects to a network there is a lot of signalling information between the RAN and Onomondo. Normally you are not able to see this unless you request it from an operator. With Onomondo you are able to get the signalling information in realtime directly in the app, no matter where in the world the device is. The logs are also stored so you can always go back and dive into it later.

You can think of it as going a level deeper than Network Logs.


What kind of information can I see?

Onomondo captures packets from various signalling protocols. These are Diameter, GSM Map, GTP, and GTPv2.

How to debug

In the app you can only see a short description of the single log item. To dig deeper it is advised to download as a PCAP file, and open in Wireshark.