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What are Onomondo Connectors?

A feature that allows the encryption and headers to be added in the network before the public domain. Removing it from the device.

First, you can use our SIMs without a Connector.

Without a Connector your SIM acts like a typical data SIM providing connectivity from your device to the internet. As a result, your device needs to know everything, e.g. where to send data, and how to encrypt it. Any changes to this will require device updates.

With Connectors, these choices are made on Onomondo, and your devices doesn't need to know anything about encryption or even where to send data. That is controlled through Onomondo, and any updates are instant and your devices don't need to be updated. It also lowers the cost of connectivity, by reducing the overall size of each network packet sent from a device.

At scale, it adds up to a significant saving.

How do they work?

There are three steps to setting up Onomondo Connectors:

  1. Setting up the device to send data

  2. Adding the servers credentials to a new Connector

  3. Adding the Connector to a SIM

Once the Connector is added to the SIM any data sent from it will be processed by the added Connector, and sent to the destination of your choosing.

You can read more about setting up Connectors:

Connectors create flexibility and data transmission overview

Once step one is completed, future changes to data transmissions only requires creating and then adding the new Connector.

This means, you only need to update the device when the actual data structure or frequency needs changing. It also means, that you can have different Connectors on different devices and maintain an overview of where your devices send their data.

Where can I currently send data to using a Connector?

Currently, there are two kinds of Connectors.

  • Event based Connectors
  • 2-way communication Connectors.

All Connectors that send information directly to cloud platforms are event-based Connectors. Here the device will send data to be recorded on a cloud platform, for example:

  • Microsoft Azure IoT
  • HTTPS Connector

We also offer a Connector that offers Transport Layer Security (TLS) to data from all your devices and sent to your server. This also creates a device initiated two-way tunnel that allows the server to also communicate with the device. You can find out more:

Do you already have an existing device that you want to try adding a Connector?

We have a course on how you could use HTTPS Connector and our Messages API walkthrough. It will take you through the steps from capturing packet information as the device sends it on Traffic Monitor all the way to receiving responses back to your device.

Will any other Connectors be available?

If you have a different service that you would like a Connector for, email us at support@onomondo.com. We are always looking to update our roadmap with new Connectors and we are happy to discuss it with you.